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Upon reaching the age of 16, I embarked on my official coaching journey, eager to share my passion for tennis with others. Since then, I have pursued a diverse array of coaching courses, delving into various aspects of the game, encompassing physical, mental, tactical, and technical domains. These courses have been instrumental in expanding my knowledge, equipping me with valuable insights and skills that I can now impart to aspiring players.

Competed at a high level from a young age,

Since a young age, I have been deeply immersed in the world of competitive tennis, showcasing my skills and passion on the court at a high level. I have been featured in local magazines, receiving recognition for my achievements and contributions to the sport. Additionally, I have had the privilege of representing both my club and county in various prestigious tournaments and events, emerging victorious in numerous matches, leagues and tournaments. The journey has been filled with challenges and triumphs, each experience shaping me into the player I am today. 

15 years of tennis experience

Having immersed myself in the world of tennis since the age of 2, I have accumulated an abundance of knowledge about this sport. Over the years, my passion for the game has driven me to comprehend every minute detail, enabling me to distinguish even the slightest inaccuracies in players' techniques and strategies. This profound understanding has not only sharpened my own skills but also granted me a unique perspective that I utilise to analyse and guide others, fostering continuous improvement on and off the court.

Proven to help players improve massively within first few lessons

Having spent extensive hours on the court, engaging in numerous competitions, and completing various coaching courses, I now apply the vast knowledge I have acquired over the years to assist others in enhancing their tennis abilities, mental approach, and physical fitness.

why i started

My Story

Ever since I was 2 years old, my father took it upon himself to introduce me to the world of tennis. His intention was simple yet profound: he wanted to instil in me a lifelong love for sports. His wise words have stayed with me throughout the years, resonating deeply within my heart. I remember him saying, "There are lots of lessons in sport and tennis which you can take into your work and personal life. For example, with tennis, you get annoyed about certain shots etc and that affects your game going forward, or have the attitude that there's nothing you can do about the previous point but there's something you can do about the next point." My father's guidance continues to inspire me to embrace life's obstacles as opportunities for growth and to always strive for improvement, both on and off the tennis court.

After my father's recent passing, I find comfort in the cherished memories we shared and the invaluable lessons he taught me. One such lesson was the importance of personal growth and pursuing my passions. With his encouragement, I embarked on the first LTA coaching course, and now, in his honour, I am determined to continue the journey and become a coach myself. Each step I take on this path becomes a tribute to his unwavering support and the lasting impact he had on my life. By choosing to name my coaching organisation after him, I ensure that his memory will forever remain alive and vibrant.

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I can't say enough good things about my tennis coach, Kayaan! Despite being just 17 years old, he has already displayed an incredible level of skill, dedication, and maturity in his coaching approach. As a 39-year-old student, I was initially apprehensive about taking tennis lessons, but Kayaan’s positive and encouraging attitude immediately put me at ease.

Kayaan possesses an exceptional understanding of the game and knows how to tailor his coaching style to suit individual needs. He has a keen eye for detail and provides insightful feedback that has significantly improved my technique and overall performance on the court.

What sets Kayaan apart is his remarkable ability to balance being both a coach and a friend. Despite the age difference, he treats me with respect and kindness, making our lessons enjoyable and productive. He has a natural talent for motivating his students, pushing us to challenge ourselves while fostering a supportive and nurturing environment.

If you're looking for an outstanding tennis coach, regardless of your age or skill level, I wholeheartedly recommend Kayaan.

Anant Gajjar

I have many regrets in life, but choosing AKC coaching definitely isn’t one of them! I had initial doubts over whether Kayaan would be a suitable coach at only 17 years of age, but my game has improved immediately with his expertise ranging from technique to footwork, and even to mentality when playing tennis. He has highlighted even the smallest errors that were hindering my progress and has opened up a new appreciation for the sport that I hadn’t had before. I would highly recommend Kayaan to anyone looking to see consistent advancements in their performance.

Max Prichard

Kayaan is an outstanding coach and understands the game well beyond his years. He is technical in his approach and can coach adults to a very high level. He has helped me improve my game considerably. He is also great with kids and gets the best out of them and ensures they enjoy the training sessions. I would strongly recommend him to any tennis enthusiast or parent of a child

Jhangir Mahmood 

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